Big Bear Health Food Ltd. (Big Bear) as a consulting company based in Shanghai China has great business networks in East Asia including China mainland, China Hongkong, China Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore. We help develop strategy and drive execution by providing consulting services for clients and sales support, collaborating with large famous entrepreneur such as Alibaba, China Mobile, Wangwang Group, Wong Lo Kat, etc. Specifically on China market, Big Bear helps clients’ brands navigate the digital ecosystem, increase their brand awareness and reputation, and convert that into sales.

Jenny Tang is the Founder and the Chief Officer in China. As a highly regarded financial professional, Jenny helped over 30 business in China to leverage more than $250 million RMB since 2013 at food and supplement category, financial institution, and new tech area. She has helped advance over 50 opportunities through her strategic advisory services and commercialization programs; and provided valuable connections and innovation scouting services to industry and investors through big data analysis and AI technology. With her broad experience and network, Jenny is fully familiar with and understands the market prospects of different industries in China and Eastern Asia.

Jenny and her team members provide practically useful advice to the companies at all stages of the China business cycle. Whether you are looking at market entry, improving the performance, or overcoming a problem, Big Bear is here to help you on:

  • Market assessment and competitors analysis
  • Market entry and business strategy
  • Products branding and positioning
  • Marketing activities including digital marketing and on-site promotion
  • Sales mapping, planning and monitoring
  • Corporate services
  • Legal advice and product registration
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Support

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Karla May

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